Thursday, December 10, 2009

Ugly Car Sighting

After renting the white HHR
(affectionally dubbed "hhhhhhhrrrrrrrr" in a growly voice)
on our trip to Tennessee, I really didn't think cars could get any more strange;
Until we were driving down the highway and this beauty whizzed on by. 
It's boxy, non-symmetrical and just wierd.

Meet the Cube.
You ride in it.


Becky said...

It totally IS the cube. I just noticed the sign on the back of the car. FUNNY! Please inform the car dummies what an HHR is???

Jenny said...

HHR. Hopelessly heinous rig.

(google it--chevy makes it, and it really is so ugly, that no real person will buy it. The rental agencies are the only ones left, and they laugh in the faces of renters everywhere, as it's the only mid-size jalopy on the lots because everyone else has run away from it)

Jenny said...

p.s. Honestly, the picture in the link I posted makes the car look almost decent. Picture it up close, condensed like it's been squished to fit your screen and WHITE. Not pretty.

Sherry said...

Apparently the Cube is meant to help out with blind spots. Maybe it does that, but it is still totally weird looking.

Smilin' sunshine said...


Jo Jo said...

Apparently no one's dared to come over the mountains into West Virginia as I've never seen them. And since we're out of the loop, appreciate you keeping me on the cool scale.

shirlgirl said...

I think these are the ugliest cars on the road--like the Element by Honda and Scion sold by Toyota. Give me a real car!!

Janssen said...

I sort of cannot believe that is a real car.