Friday, December 4, 2009

the clothes are still on the line.

I was thinking today about why I hang clothes out to dry.
I'm all about pinching pennies and going green, but really, I think I like to hang my laundry because it symbolizes the need to SLOW DOWN.
My life is BUSY.  My eleven year old tells the school counselor that she wouldn't be surprised if I forget to pick her up from school.  Because I forget things a lot.
That's a post for another day. 
The dryer might just be more convenient.
By stringing the linens and pants out there, it becomes necessary to wait for the sunshine and fresh air to do their thing.  No dryer buzzer.  And there's something therapeutic about watching the clothes flap in the breeze.
Only thing is, it's dark now.  And I can't see a thing.
HERE's the bad part about clotheslines.
Forgetting the load you hung out until it's bedtime.
NOW who's going to open the window and let all that cold air in?
It's supposed to rain tomorrow.  And then maybe snow.
It's a good thing clothing doesn't talk.


Becky said...

I have a solution for slowing your life down...JUST SAY NO! :)

LL said...

you are a good woman!

Sherry said...

In New Zealand almost nobody has dryers. I was surprised by how much I actually liked hanging the clothes out. One day I am going to live in a house with a yard, and I am going to have a little clothes line. Only, I probably will only hang out clothes if it isn't cold outside. :)

shirlgirl said...

We used to have a clothesline in our back yard until a hurricane took it down. I used to hang all the laundry in the yard. Now when the weather is nice, I hang everything that I can on the back porch to dry. Now that the weather is cold and stormy, everything goes into the dryer. When we were first married, I never had a dryer--hung everything on lines in the attic and that took a couple of days. Uncle D decided I needed a dryer so he wired the house for it and it is in my attic. Works great!