Wednesday, December 2, 2009


I thought about Christmas cookies all day yesterday.
I felt powerless to do anything about it--the runaway train that is my life.

I stepped into my messy closet at bedtime last night, and announced to Dub that I quit. I was kind of surprised at how abruptly and loud he answered, when he said quitting was not an option. I think he'd like the closet to be clean even more than I would. Either that, or the thought of tackling this tottering, chaotic empire we've built all by himself was overwhelming and terrifying.

Neither one of us has been able to successfully summon the cleaning Gods. The mess in the closet is totally mine. I haven't even started with the sorting and wrapping fiasco that turns into a month-long race against the clock.

The stockings have been hung by the chimney with care. The front hall looks like the attic sneezed the rest of the Christmas decorations right onto the entryway floor. The smooshed artificial wreaths with wrinkled bows need help, and I just know it's gonna have to be me.

I dread the tree. I've thought about lacing the cat food with a tranquilizer until after the holidays.

There's nothing for breakfast dessert today. The facts: there are NO freshly baked treats in the house.  It's December!  I'm frantic. We're already at day two, and there are no cookies in the jar. I will take care of this problem today.
Cookies trump messy closet.
I need energy.
I have reading to do.


Sherry said...

If I lived by you, I would come help you with your closet. I don't really like to organize my own things, but I do like to organize other people's stuff. I think it is because it is very objective, and I can look at your stuff and say, "You know this is rubbish, right?" But I can't do that with my own. :) I would especially help you if you made me Christmas cookies.

Jo Jo said...

I'd so be there to do that for you! And, I'll take a plate to go, please. Thank you.

Yankee Girl said...

I've just decided I'm going to join you in making cookies today! It is what I need right now.

LL said...

I just made cookies tonight....WISH YOU WERE MY NEIGHBOR!
and closets, I LOVE to organize closets....wanna trade. I'll organize your closet, you raise my kids. DEAL?!? :)

shirlgirl said...

Jen--Bed, Bath & Beyond have special contraptions that will hold five hangers--I think they are called "wonder hangers". I have them in my closet and they really allow lots of room for clothing to be layered. Only one hook for the clothes rod. My closet has always been neat because I don't have a very large one. Things that I don't need all the time are to the back of the closet. That's what you get in a house that is well over 100 years old. If you can't find them, let me know and I'll pick some up for you. And I'll bet the cookies were good, too.

ellen said...

Treats trump everything, don't they?!?

Becky said...

I've done it before...I'll do it again! (your closet that is) :) While your attic sneezed the decorations down my basement vomited them up.

Aaron H. said...

Breakfast dessert? You need help.

Jenny said...

My help this morning was Pepperidge Farm Mint Milano cookies.

If I could manage to get all of you closet organizers over here, my house would be transformed!