Saturday, September 26, 2009

Relief Society Meetings.

That's it! No more fancy names. If it's a meeting for Relief Society, that's what it's called. Simplicity. I love it.

Never Suppress a Generous Thought.
-Camilla Kimball

Find Joy. Feel the joy and light the Lord has promised. Pass on the legacy. Love, giving compassion, small and simple things. Pass these things from heart to heart.
-Henry B. Eyring

(Thoughts from a president)


LL said...

great meeting. The quotes that stood out to me are the same ones you've posted here.
I also LOVED the "MIND THE GAP" stuff.
T'was a good night!

Becky said...

huh??? Apparently I missed maybe...the RS Broadcast? (darn!)

ellen said...

Keepin' it real and simple. :)

Jane said...

Loved the mind the gap! It was a great meeting.

Rachael said...

GREAT talks.

Jo Jo said...

Twas a great meeting. Loved those quotes. Admire a lady that can stand for that long and tell it like it needs to be told. No more fluff with Sis. Beck