Saturday, September 26, 2009

Fridays are my FAVORITE

Have I mentioned that before? Here are some of the things I loved about this one.Watching the cute flute player in the marching band.
Enjoying the H.S. football game with our fabulous out-of-town guest. Making a special trip to the temple in honor of fun guest, and sending Dub and Morning boy on a very happy camping trip. Not having to do drop-offs or pick-ups from soccer practices, because having house guests who drive means you can send them instead. Being introduced to the phenomenon that is Paul Blart, Mall Cop. Hosting the after-game party for a bus load of teenagers in our basement until 11:30pm and THESE:
White chocolate macadamia nut delights. I love them so much I'm adopting them. They're going to live in my stomach. And my fond memories place. Forever.


shirlgirl said...

Hello to Tina, and those cookies look absolutely wonderful! I'll bet there isn't one left, either.

LL said...

Sounds like a FAB-u-LOUS Friday night.

The Mormon Monk said...

Yum, I never make those cookies because they are too expensive and just too tempting but they look great! Wish we could have seen Tina too.

Becky said...

FUN, FUN and FUN! Next time invite me! ;)

Anonymous said...

Football Game--wish I came!
Extra driver-to die 'fer!
Mall Cop--make it stop! (the laughing)
Cookie recipe--send it to me!

Jo Jo said...

Cutest flutest player ever! Where's Mr. Trumpet? Fun you got to spend time with Tina. Thanks for the new recipe.

Anonymous said...

My daughters are as beautiful as their mother! Mr Dub