Thursday, September 10, 2009

not-so-fluffy buns, but VERY fluffy butter

Tonight was school Open House. At the Middle School. It was two hours long. Many parents actually showed up. The rooms were crowded, it was hot, there was no parking and the chairs were hard. I can't imagine being a student again. We only had to sit on those classroom chairs for part of an evening... I can't imagine a whole day of it! I don't remember the chairs being that hard when I was in eighth grade. Or maybe the nice, cushy, good-for-sitting-on part of my bottom has actually migrated to the front of my midsection as I've aged. I mean matured. Because the act of sitting down is quite a sensory experience for me, I've noticed.

On an UP note, I made Mexican Corn Chowder and corn bread with fluffy honey butter for dinner tonight. My only regret was that we didn't actually get to sit down as a family unit and talk about how divine this meal was. And how amazing the cook is, having the time to make such a succulent dinner, what with all the activity that she already has going on in her life. Man, I would have sat on those hard chairs for days, as long as I was shovelling in that corn bread. Seriously. You should try this combo. It's that good.


Roger jr. said...

I would have loved to sit down and eat and talk with you about your wonderful food any day! i miss my home meals.

Becky said...

It's "WHAT'S FOR DINNER"! ;) I'm on it! (the blog I mean) Roger's comment makes me sad. Don't you LOVE how he appreciates you so much? Great job Mom!

Jo Jo said...

I learned that honey butter trick from Becky. We've loved it ever since, mostly on fried dough. But, I have a secret to corn bread recipes, any will do, that knocks your socks off (1/4 c. vanilla or plain yogurt). We miss Roger too!