Monday, September 28, 2009

Random Thoughts on Monday

I was surprised to wake up at 4:12am and find that Dub had already left for work. When I turned on my computer, I was even more surprised to find an email from him in my inbox time-stamped 4:07am. That man gets up before my morning breath has time to stink.

I was happy to get up (at a more humane hour, although still before 5:30am) and send my children off to school today. I also got a very cheery phone call from a friend, who helped me whiz right through the breakfast clean-up and morning chores while we chatted away.

I followed the Fly Lady's first two tips, and shined my sink and got dressed to lace-up shoes, and my house is still not perfectly clean and shiny. There is definitely a flaw somewhere, and it can't be me.

After school I found out that cozy-ing up to a teen of the opposite sex on the basement couch during the weekend party just means "being a good host."

I also discovered, as my anonymous child said "Holy s***" to me in the kitchen after school, that he or she didn't think it was a swear. Even after I insisted that it was a swear, he or she told me it only meant "poop." I had to call for back-up from Dub, as apparently I was not a credible source for swear words.

I wore my dangling pewter cow earrings from the '80s, and nobody said anything. That could mean one of any number of things. Hmmm...

I made Tami's Southwest Rice and Bean Salad for dinner tonight, and again, nobody said anything. Double Hmmm... (for the record, I actually liked it, and found it a refreshing change to the rice and bean repertoire)

We played Hide-and-go-seek for Family Home Evening, and I just happened to be the last one found. I do love to win at that game. It's actually a talent I come by honestly. Some of my friends know about my mother's famous hiding spot during my childhood hide-and-go-seek days. I've even talked about it in Sacrament Meeting. Picture a 40-something housewife tucked on top of a refrigerator. Yup. I'm not giving my excellent spot away.

I read The Great, Great, Great Chicken War by David de la Garza to my little man at bedtime tonight. The title is so fun and the illustrations looked really cute, so of course we checked it out from our lovely library on our last visit. I honestly read it enthusiastically, but the farther I got into the book, I realized it really had no plot and was a let down for a four-year old. I don't like to point the thumb down at a children's picture book, but this one didn't do it for us.

I'm looking forward to some extreme sleep and dreaming about running. I'll burn 500 extra calories with zero effort and feel good about the cookies I'm going to have for breakfast tomorrow.

Happy Spent Monday!


LL said...

THAT was enjoyable!!!
so. we say HOLY CRAP a lot at our house, will you ask Mr. Dub if that's bad?! :)
We're working on it!!!

Becky said...

um...I didn't want to say anything, but those earrings? I'm laughing at the swear incident. I have yet to have one of those happenings - thank goodness.

Jo Jo said...

Have yet to have that swear come home but I've had other niceties. Tell R to sleep in a little! He's making me feel guilty for not joining him pre sunrise. Recipe looks good!

Sherry said...

I'm going to second you on the swear word. You can quote me to your teen as I am only 24, and therefore still very "hip." Or something.

Gonna agree with the cuddling teen. He was just being a good host. ;)

Jane said...

Oh My--love the swear, just because we have been there. Sounds like great fun at FHE tonight too.

Aaron H. said...

Just exactly when does your morning breath start to stink?

Yankee Girl said...

I just had someone recommend Fly Lady to me but I couldn't remember the name so thank you. I'm going to shine my sink today--although the clutter I am really worried about is the clutter that collects around my bed.