Friday, May 29, 2015

The Eighth Grader went to Washington D.C.

Tradition in our town dictates that the eighth grade class spends a week each Spring exploring Washington, D.C. It's an adventure that our kids LOVE. Leeli is our fifth child to embark on this journey with her classmates, and was not disappointed. She had a good time and came home exhausted.

 They spent their days touring the museums, monuments and historical sites, and their evenings doing more of the same plus an evening dinner/dance cruise on the Potomac River.
 The only two negatives that she reported were:
 1. School dances are lame compared to church youth dances
2. The construction on the Capitol building made for a disappointing back drop to their class picture.

She said her favorite part was visiting all the monuments and memorials. She loved the Holocaust Museum and
the memorial to FDR the best. 
We can't wait to go back.

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