Tuesday, May 19, 2015

meanwhile: LIFE

It's been a week since we launched Sweet Mesquite into the western frontier and missionary training. I'd be lying if I said I didn't think about her OFTEN. We haven't heard anything yet; we're eagerly awaiting the first report and know that it will be full of good things. Meanwhile, life on the home front is so full, that we hardly have time to stop and fret.  I'm reading a few good books in between activities--I love audio books while I'm tripping around town in my taxi-van. The garden is planted! We're enjoying a colorful late Spring. There are lilacs on my dining room table, and I can smell them in every other room of the house, they're so wonderfully fragrant.
Spring soccer is underway, and our red-shirted goalkeeper is my favorite part of being a spectator. 

 Rooney performed in the High School POPS concert and won an award for her outstanding musicianship. It may have been the last time she'll be playing the tenor sax in a High School ensemble because she has so much more she wants to fit into her schedule before she graduates in a couple of years. If it was her last performance, it was a good one.
 T.B.B.E. (the best baby ever) flew in for a visit.

 I enjoyed nibbling as much of him as I could.
We also enjoyed a visit from the party bus of New Hampshire.
They don't travel lightly, but my sister makes it look like a cakewalk. I nibbled some of her busy boy, too.

 We broke out Angela and have been tripping around town in the warm sunshine and fresh breezes.
(we got in a few rides before Mesquite left)
 Leeli's AAU season has come to an end.
She played with a great group of girls and was lucky enough to have my co-hort, the other Mrs. Swiftcomb, for a coach.
Not driving to Danvers and Lowell twice a week sure made it an easy season for me.
 There's MORE! Building a deck, repairing a pool, painting bedrooms, teaching seminary and piano lessons, staying on top of the yard work, house work and laundry... it never stops.
A crazy, chaotic home is my comfort zone. 

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shirlgirl said...

I'll say you are busy. Do you have time to breath? I need a nap after reading all that you do.