Thursday, October 9, 2014

#latergram : apple picking

A few weeks ago we went apple picking.
It's one of our very favorite family traditions.
 Our fake adopted daughter (REAL friend) Ellen met us there.
Ellen and Leeli are BFFs.
They can't wait to get the party started whenever they're together.
The thing is,
there are a lot of RULES at this orchard we love...
we joke about the challenge it is for this particular group to have to follow so many rules.
(they climb each other instead of the trees)

So there we were, 
minding the rules and enjoying tradition,
when what to our wondering eyes should appear, 
but our fake FAMILY!
They may or may not have had plans to pick apples on the very same Saturday, 
and decided to surprise us in our happy place.
We like to call them the Swiftcombs.
That's what they call us, too.
There was frolicking in the apple orchard
On the hay ride
and racing through the corn maze.
It was the most REAL fun to be had on a Fall Saturday.
Thank you Mr. Dub, 
for ensuring that tradition 


LL said...

Your youngest daughter has grown up and suddenly looks 17 (sorry, I know you don't want to hear that)
Does EP prefer RED apples?
Fun tradition!!!

ellen said...

Thanks for including me! It was a fun day (even though I wimped out of the corn maze).

shirlgirl said...

Love your pictures and it looks like you all had a great time.