Saturday, October 18, 2014

Homecoming 2014

Another part of what makes October so great:
Homecoming weekend in our small town.
 (I don't know the kid in the truck who brought his tooth, but HELLO!)
This year's theme was Pixar movies.
Each class at the High School spent weeks designing a float for the Homecoming Parade.
The Eighth Graders were the Ambassadors.
It's a tradition that gets me revved up every year.

The Freshmen built a float with a Toy Story theme.
The sophomores created a Finding Nemo float.
 The Juniors had "Up."
 I especially loved all the balloons....
There's something just so happy about them.

 The Seniors had Monsters, Inc.

 And because our town is SMALL,
we run to the other side of the parade route and watch everyone as they march back into the school grounds.
 It's exciting stuff.

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Aaron H. said...

Where are the pics of Rog at 4am saving seats along the curb for ideal viewing?