Thursday, June 19, 2014

Last day of School and we're JUMPING right into summer!

Waved good-bye to the final bus of this school year.
We are D-O-N-E.
I attended the seventh grade awards assembly this morning.
There were awards in music, art, English, math,
science, geography and more.
We waited until the very end to find out that Leeli was being presented with an Academic Achievement Award in recognition of her overall academic achievement in all subject areas for the year.
She has worked hard.
It's off to High school for her in the Fall.
 And it was off to the big backyard for all of us after school got out.
It was good to break out the canoe and start some wetland exploration.  We are all feeling a bit strange about the abrupt change in schedule, but NO one is complaining.
 Today the pond, tomorrow who knows?
 That's the beauty of it.
We've got 69 days of summer ahead, and we plan to be accountable for every single one of them.
Happy SUMMER!!

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shirlgirl said...

congratulations, Leeli--and you look so happy--love that smile!