Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Baccalaureate Service LHS Class of 2014

This is a great week.
There are many graduation traditions here in town.  Last night we attended the Baccalaureate Service for the graduating Seniors.  This year it was hosted by the congregation of Our Lady of the Lake, a Catholic parish in town. It was a lovely service, and gave credit to the Seniors for acknowledging that their faith had a great part in getting them to where they are today.
Sweet Mesquite's fifth grade math teacher (who retired several years ago) was the surprise keynote speaker.  Mr. Bourque gave a nice address, and was so kind to remember so many of the students in specific ways.
I'm grateful for ALL of the teachers who have helped to shape the adults my kids are quickly becoming.
Stay tuned for more graduation week posts.


ellen said...

Watch out world!

Alana said...

Smart and Beautiful. What a combo. Love the dress