Monday, March 24, 2014

she's a trend setter (or a trouble maker, you decide)

 I took two of my daughters shopping this afternoon. We found a couple of pairs of jeans and a skein of yarn, and after that it was just window shopping and fluffy stuff. I laughed when Rooney pushed the pant leg of a mannequin into the sleeve. She modeled the desired fashion outcome for me
and then proceeded to become an impromptu window dresser. Look for a new trend at a mall near you.


Jo Jo said...

She's adorable! Fans awaiting for pics of her creations!

shirlgirl said...

I think she's trying to tell the original window dressers something! Great job, Rooney.

LL said...

I know where she gets it....
and funny,
and a beauty!
She has been voted ELSA in our family, they are twins!