Wednesday, October 16, 2013

UMass Band Day at Gillette

 Another UMass football game Saturday...
it's a favorite on our list of Fall activities.
We tell people that we go to watch the band, and there's a little football going on in between their performances.  On Saturday, the football team actually WON!  Their first win at home this season.  They joined the band on the field after the game to celebrate.  
Before half time, I noticed a woman on the opposite side of the stadium 
(U of Miami didn't have much of a crowd on their side... twas a bit of a commute to Massachusetts) walking back and forth with a sign. She was tireless.
I was curious.
 We never did find out what her purpose was.
 Her sign read "Mom wants IN."
There were a LOT of people on our side. 
Maybe her message reached the intended audience.
At half time, 4,000 marching band students from all of the states in New England plus one band from New York filed on the field for an incredible show.
 Rooney and Mesquite were among them.
We found our piccolo player;  our tenor sax player got lost among the thousands.
We ARE getting really good at picking out Enrique
in the UMass sea of 400.


Jo Jo said...

Fun! I love that last picture!

LL said...

That last picture might be more than my eyes can handle. Fun to find him in the crowd!
And I saw a cute drum major in the other photo :-)