Wednesday, October 2, 2013

She got her license!

(the rest was a BLUR...)
side note:  being the adult sponsor for license candidates in Massachusetts is an angst-filled task.  When I tell my children that I've EARNED my gray hairs, I'm going to estimate that ninety percent of them come from the hours I've spent at the RMV with teenage children.
But:  HOORAY!!
With a licensed driver in the house again, my QOL (quality of life) just went up several notches.  She was off on her first errand just minutes after arriving home.  Me?  I sat on the front porch in the sun and watched her drive away.


Jo Jo said...

quality of life quotient definitely improves when you get to stay home more!

Darleen said...

I can SO relate to the grey hairs! After 3 children having obtained their license (with one scraped bumper on a 2 month old car), I have one more left to go. And I always thought that toilet training was a high stress period in child rearing--that's NOTHING compared to being in the passenger seat of a driver-in-training.

shirlgirl said...

Were you nervous with her driving on her own for the first time? How did she do?

LL said...

I love Darleens comment...toilet training was NOTHING.
This driving stuff is STRESS!
We will have a licensed driver (if all goes well) the end of the month.