Friday, October 11, 2013

Formula for Friday FUN

 Spend $6.99 on a 12 pack of toilet paper.
Invite 8 of your best 8 & 9-year-old friends to ride home on the school bus with you.
Divide into two teams.
Play many rounds of toilet paper dodge ball.
 Play some more. 
Switch sides and play again. 
Use strategy.  Keep playing.  Boys do not get bored when you let them do things they're not normally allowed to do.
Then self decorate.
Go wild.
 The sun will eventually go down on your fun, and everyone will go home.  I am living proof that this is true.  It happened here. 
And BOY! did Mother Nature pull out her finest colors in true GRAND finale fashion.


Aaron H. said...

Totally cool.

Who cleaned up on Aisle 9?

LL said...

I need to copy this great idea. Happy B-Day to the 9yr old :-)

shirlgirl said...

What great fun for them--I remember toilet papering friends' neighbors when the Celtics won the title several years ago--he was the coach, and we wanted to wrap his house in love! Your last picture is awesome. Just love that sunset.