Saturday, January 19, 2013

the runaway (and a reluctant rescue)

The sun came out!
It was a glorious winter day.
I hung a blanket on the line...
when I came back to take it in, it had disappeared.
 Of course it flew into the snow on the day I picked
my sunny yellow flats.
My soul says Spring! when the sun comes out.
My toes said: Get sensible.


shirlgirl said...

Cold tootsies!! Where were your boots? Of course, you also run out in the snow New Year's Eve, so why bother, right? Funny! Sorry about your blanket. It was a windy day.

Aaron H. said...

I want to understand the thought process behind this blog. Did you step into the snow and leave your foot there until one of your children heard your cries to bring you the camera, or did you first grab the camera and then purposefully stick your foot in the snow?