Thursday, January 10, 2013

metal mouth: GONE.

 Almost three years ago this little girl
got her braces on.
This morning, she got them off.
Her teeth are out of jail!
...Hoo boy...
Now I'm sort of considering putting HER in jail until she's about 27.
It's not so bad, I've heard...
three square meals a day,
educational training,
...and NO boys.


Jo Jo said...

Beautiful set of ivories!

The Mylers said...

Congratulations to her! World, watch out, here she comes!

Michael Stokes said...

guns and lots of uncles and other friends will fix the BOY problem. :-)

BUT, bread and water isn't a bad idea either

LL said...

Grants had his for WAY too long too, his come off in a week.

Joy said...

Woohoo!!! Looks great! Such a nice feeling to have braces removed.

shirlgirl said...

Just beautiful! Gorgeous smile, gorgeous girl!!

Janssen said...