Thursday, January 17, 2013

How low can he go?

Yesterday we woke up to SNOW!!!
...and there was no school.
There was snow, then rain, then snow again.
It made for some heavy, wet snow removal.
It also made good packing snow,
which meant a snowman appeared!
 He was sad when the kids went inside.
 As the day wore on, the snowman started
We wondered if he would make it through the night...
...and he did!
The kids all laughed as they passed by the leaning snowman on their way to school.
Now we're all wondering
just how low he can go?


shirlgirl said...

You sure did get lots of snow! We had snow but now the roads and sidewalks are totally clear. The trees outside my kitchen window were beautiful, but as the day wore on and it got a bit warmer, the snow dropped off. Now the limbs are bare. Glad the children had a fun time and love the snowman. Looks like he's trying to take a nap!

Alana said...

The leaning-snowman of Lunenburg. Funny.

Jo Jo said...

Hysterical! He needs a limbo bar!
We need snow!