Friday, May 4, 2012

Welcome to Friday!

Some good things to think about, in addition to the start of a healthy dose of weekend ahead:
Our lilacs are in full bloom! 
They smell as lovely as they look.
I took three kids to the dentist yesterday, and the result was no cavities.
Tonight's dinner?  Already done.
There's a large container of chocolate chip cookie dough in the refrigerator, waiting to be baked into warm little bites of deliciousness.
The weekend forecast says SUN and warm temperatures!
This morning, while emptying the trash, $26.00 came tumbling out.  A nice tip for taking out the garbage.
When Enrique called me to say he had no cash and no clean laundry, our mutual friend (who happens to be a professor at UMass) was able to scrape together $5.78 in spare change from her purse and car to help him gather a pocket full of laundry money.
After two LONG weeks of being both mom and dad, I am especially giddy about the prospect of having Mr. Dub around again very soon.
Someone's turning 16 tomorrow--party on the horizon!


Jo Jo said...

Those are good blessings to count! Glad you won't be single any more!

Sherry said...

Wow! What a weekend!

Also, kudos to you for being a mom with a husband who travels a lot for work. (I assume it is for work.) I do not know how you do it. You must just be terribly awesome.

shirlgirl said...

Your lilacs are beautiful! Nice to have a $26 tip!! Many ice creams at Kimball's!! Gee, Enrique has no money--glad he had a friend who could help him out. And it is hard to believe that Mesquite will be 16. Those years went by very quickly. And, welcome home Mr. Dub.

LL said...

You're a rock star!