Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Courtney in Boston

 I met Courtney (a blogging friend) back in 2009 when I was taking Yonder to college.  We shared an ice cream and learned a few things about each other.  I learned that she has ties to Boston. We share a fondness for the Kennedys. (We met by the JFK statue in front of the State House) Last week she came for a visit! We found out that we both have Aunts living in Jamaica Plain.  She's wicked awesome 
(there's a little Boston for ya) 
to hang out with.  I was so happy we could meet up again, this time on the east coast.
 She took us on a walking tour in the neighborhoods behind the State House.  We visited number Ten Louisburg Square, where Louisa May Alcott once lived.  We also stopped by Acorn Street--one of the most photographed streets in the nation.

We had a chat with a dog walker.
He went into a house on Acorn Street with three dogs, and came out with four.
He said he walks 25 dogs per day, and he stopped wearing a pedometer when he realized he walks almost a marathon every single day.
Courtney was super patient with me--my cell phone rang incessantly--and she was very gracious when I had to shorten our visit.
It was a beautiful day to be with a really great friend.  Come back soon!


LL said...

almost walking a marathon daily...WOW!
Looks like a beautiful day in Boston.

Jo Jo said...

The whole post is adventurous! Good for you!