Monday, May 7, 2012

it all comes out in the wash

Last week there was the day where Enrique wanted to come home, but realized it was going to cost him more than $50 to borrow his friend's truck to do it.
Then he realized that he was down to one meal swipe per day until finals were over.
And he had no laundry money (and no clean underwear).
I hooked him up with our mutual friend, who is a professor on campus.
She cleaned out her purse and car to find $5.78 in change (lots of pennies).  She collected it all in a paper cup, and Enrique mentioned feeling like a homeless person when he went to her office to pick it up.
Fast forward to laundry time, and guess who found a twenty dollar bill in the dryer?
He went from feeling homeless and penniless to feeling more like this:


LL said...

this makes me LAUGH!!!

shirlgirl said...

Wasn't he the lucky one! He was in the right place at the right time. Way to go, Enrique. You were saved!!

Jo Jo said...

Your prayers were answered.