Friday, December 9, 2011


Hard things ahead.

My assignment is to speak about this on Sunday.
I've been thinking about this task for almost a month now.
(why does this seem so hard?)
I sat at the bedside of a lovely *young* woman who is dying of brain cancer on Wednesday.
I also got punched in the gut.  Hard.
My hard stuff I will own.
It's not as hard as what others are dealing with.
Focusing on the difficult stuff in life is overwhelming.
I much prefer to view things from the good stuff lens.
We all head face first into real life.  It throws awful things.
Lean into the wind.  Put your game face on.  
I'm going to spend my weekend thinking strategy.
Godspeed with yours!


Joy said...

Oh yes, very true for me this morning. Got a very difficult workout ahead, and let's face it I'm NOT looking forward to it. Good luck on your day!

Janssen said...

Oh dear. Good luck!

LL said...

I would love to hear this talk--

shirlgirl said...

It is very difficult to sit next to anyone who is dying from cancer, no matter what the age. It really makes us think of our own mortality. I'm sure you will do a great job with your talk. Sorry for this young woman and her family. Peace and blessings to them.

Michael Stokes said...

My mentor in life taught me happiness without pain brings only transitory moments marking time without meaning. To revel and savor in great moments of happiness strengthens our resolve through pain and extreme sorrows; these emotions combined are the definition of joy.

I choose joy even though it means at times overwhelming pain.


rad6 said...

please please may I have a copy of your talk to read???