Monday, December 19, 2011

over heard over the weekend

"Whitcombs don't go the extra mile"
-after a certain little boy of mine was asked by his grandfather why he wouldn't tuck in his Sunday shirt

"We now refer to Dub as Uncle Hallmark.  Whenever you're around him, you feel good."
-after a group hug with Uncle Aaron
A back story before the next quote.  At dinner on Friday night, I served up some rolls that were a little on the crusty side--they had endured some extra baking time in the oven.
Morning Boy asked me "Mom, are these that kind of pirate bread that wouldn't spoil after a long time on the ship?"
I looked at him for a few seconds until I realized what he was talking about, and said "Oh, you mean hard tack?"
He said yes, and then we had a blessing on the food.  After the chorus of AMENs, he asked

"Anyone want a heart attack?"


shirlgirl said...

Love it! And I love crusty rolls. Bet they were good even though they were in the oven a little longer than they needed to be--crunch is always satisfying.

Anonymous said...

What happened to Uncle dumb brush? I liked that one :)

Jo Jo said...

I'm loving Uncle Hallmark.

LL said...

The man with many names did such a great job on Sunday. It would be nice to see your cute family all in a row every week :-)

Alana said...

Hey look, and Aaron's almost smiling in that picture- he must be sitting next to Uncle feel good.