Friday, May 20, 2011


I had homemade wheat toast for breakfast, and it was DELICIOUS.
I haven't made whole wheat bread for a LONG time, and it's been on the list.
Since we're on our bazillionth dreary day in a row, fresh bread seemed like a good idea.
I used this online tutorial to make it, and now we have three loaves wrapped up in the freezer, waiting to be used.  Meanwhile, I feel like I have done my family a gigantic favor by discovering that I can make a light, tasty loaf of wheat bread without using even a lick of nutrition-less white flour.  
Bonus:  the bread doesn't weigh fifty seven pounds and taste like paper bag.
Happy Friday!


rebecca said...

Yummy success!

LL said...


The Mormon Monk said...

You make me laugh. (and cry--a paper bag! Where have you been getting your whole wheat bread?)

shirlgirl said...

Oh, they look delicious!!