Monday, February 7, 2011

Monday Missionary Update

There's no doubt in my mind that our missionary enjoys every opportunity he gets, to dirty his hands.
Their next door neighbor had some water trouble, so Yonder and his companion spent the better part of two days digging down through 2.5 feet of concrete and Panama clay to find the source of the problem.
I know that the principle of work is important on heaven and on earth.
I also know that when Yonder is working, for him it's truly heaven on earth.


Smilin' sunshine said...

He looks so happy!

LL said...

He is a GOOD KID!
And you are a lucky Mom!
And Panama is fortunate!

Jo Jo said...

He's one of the hardest working kids I know.

Becky said...

He's right in his element!!! I love that hard working boy!!!

Alana said...

Ha,Roger just sniffs out the physical labor. Makes me laugh. Good for him.