Thursday, February 10, 2011

Just to clear my conscience

I may have cursed the universe.
For which I am, indeed, VERY sorry.

Last night at bedtime, I was getting some resistance from the youngster.
All these snow days have disrupted more than the school year.
His comment to me?
"I don't have to go to bed YET, mom... We probably won't even have school tomorrow, anyway."
I rebutted:
"Oh yes we will, little mister. As a matter of fact, there is not even any snow in the forecast.  And as a matter of ANOTHER fact, it will not storm again on a school night for the rest of the winter."
I may have been feeling a little more desperate than I thought I was when those words slid out.
So if you adhere to the school of karma, I am sorry for disrupting the entire cycle of cause and effect.



Jenny said...

P.S. Just prior to posting this, our Senior informed us that as of today, the students in our town still have NOT attended a full school week since before Christmas. May tomorrow break THAT trend...

shirlgirl said...

What is happening with school vacation? Are they taking that away since there have been so many snow days from school? Just wondering. Little Mr is something else, isn't he?

LL said...

The kids and I had this same convo today!
First full week of school since December.
It's hard to deal with, this full time school stuff.

Jo Jo said...

My seminary boys are more excited when seminary is cancelled as the teacher's school district is more liberal than ours.

Becky said...

Um...I'm all set with snow thanks. So I'll adhere to your 'facts'. :) Today it's going to be almost 50. Spring fever, I think I'm coming down with it.