Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Dear popcorn,

I do love you!
But I will confess.  I am feeling betrayed.

I made a double batch of kettle corn
this afternoon, with my very fun appliance,
the whirlipop.
I sat down to munch and read, not paying enough attention, apparently, to the rogue kernels, and
My right maxillary molar BROKE.
And so did my heart.
How could you do this to me?
I called the dentist right away, but they are enjoying the same paralyzing snowstorm that we are, so there will be no one in the office until at least tomorrow.
Now it's me, warm salty rinse water and very soft foods.
I'm sad, popcorn.
Very sad.
But I'll be okay.


LL said...

I ran my tongue over all my teeth as I read this because CRAP, this is all so painfully familiar to me.
Love Snaggle Tooth

shirlgirl said...

Oh, I feel your pain. Been there and done that. Looks like you are in line for another crown. Just what you need. I'm very careful eating popcorn. I love it as well. I am also careful eating caramels or those soft jellies. Pulled off a crown in the back a year or so ago with a soft jelly and it cost $150 to cement it back in. Not fun.

Doran & Jody said...

See, you should have made that goodie recipe I sent you instead.

Aaron H. said...

I have no idea what the "right maxillary molar" is. But I'm guessing it's on the right, in the back and in charge.

Jo Jo said...

Feeling your toothy and wallet pain all the way over here. Hate teeth!

Janssen said...

Oh no! Sounds painful.

Becky said...

I do love my whirly pop as well but now I don't feel so inclined to use it.'s a love/hate relationship.