Wednesday, December 22, 2010

On dasher!

We're all a flurry of activity in the home.  The kids were done with school on Friday.  There have been gifts to make, cookies to bake, gifts to wrap, groceries to buy, cards to write and Christmas to think about!  It's crazy, I tell you.  But I am SO grateful that my children are no longer toddlers.  Can you imagine a house full of THAT with a week of no school and Christmas to wait for?  Yikes.  Getting older does have its perks.  We are dashing about.

I was thinking we were really looking like Santa's workshop around here, but really, there's more of a barn-full-of-animals feel to our house these days; six people fighting for table space, spouting urgent requests for privacy and HELP! whilst all this creating is taking place--it's proving to be a little chaotic... alluding to reindeer instead of elves felt somehow more appropriate.  Mr. Dub is no dummy, working right up 'til Christmas eve.

On dancer! On Prancer!

You should have seen us dancing when we woke up to our first snowfall yesterday!  You would have thought it was a-blizzarding--we only got a dusting, and most of it was melted away by the sun after lunch.  STILL, it got the kids motivated to deck themselves out in snow gear and Prance around in the flakes for a while.  And then there was the snowball that made its way into the wrapping room and down the shirt of a younger sister...

On Vixen!
Hmmm.  Think malicious female fox with fierce temper and the need to be in control.  Well, fierce might be a little dramatic.  But the control thing is pretty accurate.
I broke my own cardinal rule:  Never buy yourself gifts right before Christmas.  I bought myself a new pair of jeans.  The label inside says "Diva."  Who says labels don't matter?  I kinda like this one.

On Comet!
This just makes me think about how much my toilets could use some really thorough cleaning.

On Cupid!
That naked little baby wielding bow and arrow has been hard at work.  Ack.  Teenagers.  SOMEone is off to the North End this afternoon to make goo-goo eyes across the table at a fancy Italian restaurant.

On Donner!
What's a donner?  Not sure.  Yonder, however is one buck on our minds, and we get to talk with him in THREE more days!  The family journal notebook has been open and accepting entries of "questions we don't want to forget to ask" when he calls.  Hooray for Christmas in Panama!!

On Blitzen!
More like Blitzkrieg--we're making our lists, and checking them twice.  May you win your own little battles with holiday prep.  Merry Christmas to ALL!


ellen said...

It sounds like it's going to be a good one! Merry Merry Christmas!

LL said...

3 weeks ago I was sad to not be home for Christmas. But as I sit here with family, enjoying the snow and lack of chaos I'm feeling so jolly.
Although, there's something about your post that makes me a little homesick. Busy Christmas fun is always a welcomed feeling, it just makes it all the more exciting!
Merry Christmas to all.....

April said...

Santa's workshop indeed! LOVE reading about your holiday happenings!

Becky said...

LAUGHING at the comet toilets need the same. AND I'm feeling slightly jealous as you have had an extra whole week off. Lucky ducks. (or should I say reindeer)

Swimmingmom said...

What a fun, clever and busy post! I can't believe how early your kids got out of school! Sound like you are all making the most of your time!!!!! Merry Christmas. Oh, I like your present to yourself :-) I think you deserve it!

Science Teacher Mommy said...

It's actually Donder. Or maybe Dunder. I think German for thunder. There was a whole discussion on my Facebook page last week on the very topic.

I loved this post.