Tuesday, December 14, 2010

It's my Blog-i-versary!

I happened to glance at the blogspot dashboard before hitting the "new post" button, and noticed that I was at 799 posts already.
Well howdy doo!
Today marks 800 posts.  Huzzah!
I think a celebration is in order.
And since a party is more festive with presents, I am going to GIVE-AWAY a fun and fantastic little gift!
More than I love blogging, I love writing.
One of my most favorite forms of writing is the old fashioned notecard or letter that you drop in the mail.
Remember those?
If you love these Christmas-y photos as much as I do,
you are going to LOVE what I have in store for the lucky winner: 
a set of five ep-photocards 
made by my amazing blogger friend Ellen, the photographer of these fun images.
Just leave a little comment--and tell me:
When was the last time that you received a hand-written message in the mail?
I'll pick a winner using a random-pick generator on Friday, December 17th.
Happy Blogging to me,
and Good Luck to YOU!


Becky said...

I LOVE EP. :) Here photo cards are awesome! I recently received a hand written letter from my beehive teacher from 25 years ago. Crazy, huh? It was a sweet surprise. xo

Oh, and HAPPY Blogger-versery, so glad you jumped on board!

LL said...

EP cards are my FAVORITE!!!! I use them all the time.
Nothing beats a hand written card. I got one just yesterday, and it honestly made me smile all day! It's one I'll keep!

Janssen said...

Those are gorgeous images - EP does such lovely work.

A few weeks ago, I got a lovely gift for Ella from a friend I only know through blogging along with a very sweet card.

rebecca said...

I love EP cards. The last time I received a hand written note was, funny enough, probaby a month or so ago from EP!
Bravo for being so faithful to your blog:) You are an inspiring mother.

Braden said...

Happy Blog-i-versary! I was written a letter from your daughter roonie a couple weeks ago! about a week ago, I got one from my oldest sister, the college-going Bick too, so I have gotten more hand-written notes in 2 weeks than I have since about June! I'm so glad that I could read your blog, thanks!

ellen said...

Congrats on the blogiversary and thanks for pimping my photocards!

Sarah said...

The last time I received a hand written card was, in beginning of November from my friend Mckenzie.

Alana said...

Wow, 800- you are well on your way to 1000 posts. Now THAT will be the day. Jen-Jen, its nice to read blogs, it would be nicer to read your book. HECK you got the material already. Just find a coherent theme and string it together.

mckell.b.p.55 said...

Ooh, lovely! I received a wonderful letter from my childhood best friend on Saturday! I love getting mail. :)

shirlgirl said...

I've received quite a few handwritten notes these past couple of weeks, and from one friend in particular because she mentioned how she first met Uncle David and how their friendship grew and how much he cherished and loved me and how I helped him when he was down and out. That note is a keeper for sure.

Jo Jo said...

I got one from Aunt Shirley this week. She found a newspaper article of me receiving a dispatching award a LONG time ago in Uncle David's desk.

Doran & Jody said...

Uh...I'm not sure when the last time was. The one that wrote me the most though was my grandma. Everytime she sent us Birthday, Christmas or whatever cards we would always get a couple page letter. It was always nice.

I am lousy about sending cards and letters but if you challenge me, I will do better.

Now what was your address again? I don't know where I wrote it down, but it wasn't in my address book.

Whitney said...

Ironically, I think that the last handwritten note I received -- besides Christmas cards -- was from EP after Macy's Children Will Listen recital!

Congrats on 800 posts! Quite a feat!