Monday, October 19, 2009

re-tired. and staying fire-d.

So the man-o-the-morning and I were driving about town today, and we passed a house displaying a propane tank pumpkin. It's true. A clever decoration for a great month. A propane tank, yes it was. It was painted a cheery orange, with a jack-o-lantern face on it. Cute, too. He noticed it, and starts telling me about the "thing under the place where you cook outside that's decorated like a Halloween pumpkin..." and I instantly know what he's talking about, even though I didn't happen to glance that way this time by.
(I'm thinking I'm going to have to drive over there again and snap a picture, just so you can have a looksee.) Of course when you live in a place for 20 years (I know! How'd that happen?!) there's a bit of history 'round every bend.
I tell him that the propane tank pumpkin just happens to live at the house of his big brother's kindergarten teacher. Then I explain that she no longer teaches kindergarten (seeing as how kindergarten is looming in his future), and he immediately wants to know if she has moved up to the High School, where his brother is now. I tell him that she doesn't work as a teacher anymore, and that she is retired.
"Oh" he says. "That means that she's tired of teaching, and now she just stays at home. Right?" Yes, my man. That is right.

And just so I can don my imaginary cape of wonder before calling it a day, I will let you know that before we took our road trip it dawned on me that I should probably brush my teeth. It just so happens, however, that about three minutes before this realization, I popped an atomic fire ball into my mouth. Just re-fueling the tank. I was enjoying its fiery sweetness, and didn't want to spit it out to brush. So I went ahead with my brushing plans and maneuvered that thing over the tongue, past the gums and around the teeth that weren't being scrubbed. It was genius. Suck on sugar, brush it off. Suck on sugar, brush-y brush. A win-win in my book.


Science Teacher Mommy said...

There is an old SNL skit about British Toothpaste. The actors in the "advertisement" are Chris Farley, Mike Meyers and ilk sitting around a manky old pub with the worst prosthetic teeth I've ever seen. They talk at length about this toothpaste they love that only has a teaspoon of sugar in each squirtful. Hee. Hee. Thanks for the memory.

And yes, teachers can age VERY quickly at certain schools.

Becky said... were and continue to be the sweet tooth in our family. I still can NOT get over the fact that you love circus peanuts. GEE-ROSS!

Marilyn said...

Both you and you know who are just too much. I never thought of eating candy while brushing, not sure if I will try it. And if retired means your tired, I guess I am retired too!

LL said...

I like your fire ball idea. I hate the left over toothpaste taste. I always pop a piece of gum after helps :) I might try brushing WITH gum or a fireball next time :)