Sunday, October 4, 2009

Four Sessions

of General Conference enjoyed [immensely] from the comfort of the couch.

Sunday Brunch! It only happens twice a year.

Temperance. And other food for thought.

Grilled steak kabobs for dinner.

It was a good day.


Roger Whitcomb said...

I had a great day too! # seesions in the Conference center with my best friend and amazing spiritual experiences all weekend long. I missed priesthood session with my dad though. Love you!

Roger Whitcomb said...

*3 sessions* :)

Becky said...

"No Empty Chairs, Please" It's my new favorite quote. :)

Smilin' sunshine said...

Loved it too!

Jo Jo said...

It was a great conference. I didn't do brunch, but planned ahead enough to have bottles of fizzy water on hand, and ice, to enjoy fancy drinks both days.

Bub said...

Sounds delicious! That's spectacular!