Thursday, October 1, 2009

The first good thing about October

My boy off yonder called me this morning with happy news.
Well, first of all, let me point out that HE CALLED.
That would be enough.
I love him!
(I miss him)
Yonder was excited about tomorrow night's BYU football game. And really, who wouldn't be? Nothing like a good college football game. But he was over-the-top happy because he has two complimentary tickets, right behind BYU's bench. And he's bringing a very nice and very happy girl to sit with. And he's hoping to make a profit off the two seats he had originally intended on sitting in. But most of all, he was all pumped up because he gets to act as Commandant at tomorrow night's flag raising ceremony. How cool will that be?! I kind of wish they showed that part of the pre-game on TV. But then again, if I saw him all decked out in his Air Force stuff looking so handsome in uniform and so very far away... I'd probably get blurry vision and not be able to really see him anyway.
So, if any of you lucky blog-readers get to be at the game tomorrow night, do a mother a favor, will you?
Zoom in on the tall blond guy with the flag harness.
And send a good vibe across the crowd from me.


LL said...

and VERY exciting. I miss the college football games so much this time of year. (although, I was normally at the games in RED)
BUT, my mom has BYU season tickets, I'll pass your VIBE along to her....she's good at that stuff, she's a mom! :)
Hooray for Yonder!!!

Jo Jo said...

I'm already teary eyed and he's not even my yonder. That very nice girl better take some very nice pictures so you can share

Becky said...

If anybody ends up sharing pictures...please share with us. I LOVE Yonder. Too bad you couldn't just fly out there to see it. :(

ellen said...


Smilin' sunshine said...

Lucky! Although I personally think he would be more lucky if he were about 45 miles north!

The Mormon Monk said...


You've definitely got the camera pointed in the wrong direction. It's the very nice and very happy GIRL that I want to see pictures of. Sure, I love Yonder--but I seriously doubt that Yonder looks much different than he did the last time I saw him. I'm much more curious to find out what sort of prospective sister-in-laws Yonder is hanging out with.

Joy said...

WE will be there and we will take photos and of Yonder, and will try to get a photo of the...girl.

Rachael said...

YAY for UT connections! Off they go into the wild, BLUE YONDER (to take pictures for Mama!)

Jane said...

Tell me about your son and the Air Force, what are his plans?

Marilyn said...

That is so exciting, I wish we could have seen it!

Bub said...

That's so cool! We're gonna try to take him to go see the leaves in the mountain on Monday, and I'm excited to see him again. Love you, Sis. Whic!!!

<3 Cherstin

Alana said...

Zach showed me the picture of Roger and his date- cute girl. Looks like fun. I asked Zach, how would that be to have your entire extended family checking out your love life on the web. He didn't think Roger would mind.

Amber said...

Will was at the game but didn't know who the Commandant was at the time. Although after reading your blog tonight said he looked great. :)