Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Lake Monticello

Why the last-minute 12-hour trip is worth it.
fishing was fun AND we all caught fish!
^ trying new things ^
and surprising mom by being the one who was NOT afraid to bait the hook
catching the FIRST-ever fish!
(who was named Tod)
becoming reacquainted with cousins
playing with Gramma

and just plain old relaxation.


Joy said...

Glad that you are all having so much fun. Loved the farmer's market post, wish my garden even compaired...

LL said...

NICE!!!! glad you guys are having fun~summer is going TOO FAST!

Becky said...

I miss you - feels like I haven't talked to you for a long time. Hurry home so we can have one more summer playdate - you promised!

Jo Jo said...

we're all jealous about catching fish! everybody! And had to laugh that it was named! Ouch! Who names fish that have hooks in them? Too funny.