Saturday, August 8, 2009

The evolution of manners

I'm a big believer in please and thank you.
This morning I was trying to find a phone number, so I called 4-1-1. I really never use this service. But I needed to get a number faster than walking down the stairs, turning on the computer and looking anything up online. An automated voice came on the line asking for the name of business, city and state. I spoke my request. When the voice came back and asked "Do you want [blah blah blah...]?" I answered "yes, please." There was a pause on the line, and then it asked me the same question. I answered "yes, please," again. Automisses came back and asked me the same question for the third time. I think my face had a perplexed expression on it. Dubs laughed at me and said "Stop being so polite. You can't say please, just say yes."
I'm still a big believer in please and thank you. Except not when asking for phone numbers.


Jo Jo said...

I do not say please, so good for you for being polite. Those computer mams are annoying.

Becky said...

ugh...frustrating. next time use 1-800-goog411 (or 1-800-466-4411) It's totally free. :)

ChefTom said...

I'm with Amy, I don't talk properly to computers. I do say thanks when the real person in on line though.

LL said...

When we first moved to MA, my neighbor told me I was too polite,she said "STOP saying Thank you" For a while I was self conscious of it, but it's important to me. Especially with kids.
Yesterday my nephew demanded something, and Carson looked at him and said, "PLEASE?!" Loved it!
Good for you. Barney the purple dinosaur reminds us that please and thank you are the magic words :) I'm singing the song at this very moment!