Thursday, June 11, 2015

the crazy Uncle

Birthday tribute to the Uncle in the family who manages to keep the next generation on (or off) their toes.
 He has talents that sometimes go overlooked.
He'll clear out a party faster than you can say thank you for coming.
He's a great pace maker when climbing a mountain--he'll get you to the top in record speed. 
He's LOYAL. 100%.
 If there's a family occasion to be celebrated, he's IN.
 I know his weakness.
It has something to do with cute babies.
If you're feeling down, he'll get right down there with you.
 There's not much he'd rather do than make you laugh.
He's a brother in every way.
H to the B, Aaron!


Aaron H. said...

I love my birthday post! Yea, for me!

shirlgirl said...

Love it