Thursday, June 25, 2015

Bonus Day in New York

Because we had such kind and generous hosts, we enjoyed spending the night seventeen floors above the gorgeous nighttime skyline, and then awoke refreshed and ready to spend a few more hours exploring the city. Morgan kindly offered to play taxi for us so we could squeeze more of New York into the few hours we had left. She is a great tour guide, and knows just how to get around that crazy city with a good-sized crew.
 We especially enjoyed the 9-11 Memorial Site.
 We spent a few moments reflecting near the spot where our little town's own Kevin Szocik is memorialized. His mom retired from the High School just last year. He was in one of the towers on September 11th.
The New Freedom Tower is both impressive and beautiful.
 We then visited a place I've always wanted to see: The High Line Park. It's a beautiful converted public park area that used to be an elevated railway. I love how it weaves above the city and through the buildings, allowing visitors to walk in a peaceful, green area above the hustle and bustle.

 Just below the high line we also visited Chelsea Market. It's a lovely indoor food hall and shopping mall. I could have spent HOURS in there, but we settled for a way-too-quick walk-through.

 Some of us did not get enough of Times Square, so  we went back for more. The Disney Store and Toys R Us are favorites.
 Leeli fulfilled a childhood dream by playing in Barbie's dreamhouse.
Morgan drove us all over Manhattan, we took a detour to New Jersey for lunch (and cheaper gas) and then we said our good-byes. We did and saw SO so much, but still mourned the stops we didn't make and the places we didn't visit. It's good that New York is so close.

We suffered greatly on the ride home, with LeVain Bakery cookies as our only car snack option. Go big and go home.

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