Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Can I call this a problem?

Or should I count my (CUKE/ ZUKE) blessings?
This here's the Monday haul:
Tuesday yielded a few more...
Enter the mystery TREAT bags!
Can you guess what we put inside?
The drycleaning lady got the first one.
She seemed pleased!
Then we braved drop-off with the children's librarian.
She got very excited!
So we ventured over to the circulation desk and made a drop.
Some of the kids were hiding.
Along the way we stopped at the home teacher's house and shared some there, and then we left some on the missionaries' doorstep.  CUCUMBERS for EVERYONE!
Thankfully we ran out of bags before we spotted the sketchy guy staking out the neighborhood at the end of the neighbor's driveway.  Roonie was all about sharing the cucumber love.
We went in and called the police.
HOWEVER.  IF the police had come a-knockin' we would have thanked them with cukes!
Cucumbers are still mandatory.  At every meal.


Jo Jo said...

I'm loving the surprise bag drop off. What fun! You have to make dill pickles! It's so easy. Pick up a dill pickle pack near the canning section, boil the dry ingredients, pour into jars filled with sliced cucumbers, and refrigerate. We don't like canning them because they go mushy, but everyone loves them on sandwiches.

Swimmingmom said...

That's a lot of cucumbers! Good for you for growing them yourselves. We have yet to start a garden. Ahh, one day we too will cukes galore like you!

Aaron H. said...

As long as you have tomatoes to go with them, I'll eat them all. NOTHING beats a CukeMato sandwich.

LL said...

i'm a little cuked out myself!
You are so nice to share...the years when I haven't had a garden, I'm so excited to get cuke surprises from others.

Becky said...

CukeMato sandwiches are my FAV! I don't have any this any surprise bags for me? :)

shirlgirl said...

I'm putting up bread and butter pickles today. I have a friend in Needham who has a garden and called me to come and get cucumbers. I'll get about a dozen pints. I sliced them last night with my mandolin--so easy--along with the onions. I'll bet everyone who got the treat bags were very happy. Any zucchini in your treat bags? I know you had an abundance of those little guys, too. Jo Jo talked about "mushy" dill pickles if canned. I think you have to put alum in the mix to prevent that. Get Ball's Blue Book and you can get lots of recipes for canning. Great book to have on hand.

Michael Stokes said...


That's what they are, I shall be right over with my round-up


Doran & Jody said...

That reminds me to get out in my garden and get more cukes!

This is the season to lock your doors at church. Not because someone will steal something, but because someone will leave produce in your car!

Personally, I would eat the cukes and give away ALL the squash!

Science Teacher Mommy said...

Shred and freeze. Make delicious zucchini bread all winter and for your friends at Christmas. They will all love you forever. If you need a recipe that makes your mind melt I can send you one. It is especially good with a layer of soft swiss or cream cheese spread on the top.

Science Teacher Mommy said...

Oops. Those are cucumbers. Delete the above comment (I know, I could, but I thought it would give you a laugh.)

In that case, go to the blog/website called "Eat More Butter" where she gives a recipe for Asian cucumber salad that is my new favorite thing. The light, sweet dressing is so awesome, and you can make it spicy or plain. We used her recipe and chopped it really fine, added red pepper and purple cabbage and served it as a garnish/side dish to some kick butt Thai food (now THAT is a recipe I should post).

Now my mouth is watering. I know what we are having for Sunday dinner.

Christy said...

I somehow FORGOT to plant them this year, but receive many from friends every week myself..not a bad system! Good growin

Marilyn said...

Oh my gosh, you do have guite the hual!

Bub said...

That's awesome! Spread the CUKE and ZUKE love :)
Love you guys!

Alana said...