Saturday, February 20, 2010

Girl Power!

I LOVE my girls...
We had a fun Girls-Only-Weekend.
We stopped at the temple.
I told them I'm grateful for my eternal relationship with them
(I truly am)
We drove through the city,
admired the architecture,
laughed at Gertie (our GPS), who thought Boston Children's Hospital was the Science Museum
Got the keys locked in the car at the mall parking garage
and made friends with garage security; we even got a ride in their flashing golf cart -
Finally made it to the museum,
only to find out that Harry Potter the Exhibition was sold out until tomorrow.
We wandered around some of the exhibits,
made all the boy moose go

Dinner here:
and of course, MORE shopping!
Our first-class overnight accomodations in a VERY cool condo
included sewing coin purses, having nails painted and playing games with our own local celebrity
followed by an early morning return to see the fabulous Harry Potter Exhibition, which was WELL worth the wait for all of us eager fans of the wizarding world.  It was a GREAT female bonding adventure.


Aaron H. said...


I'm assuming the girl with the antler ears is Abby, but it kind of looks like Sarah.

LL said...

what FUN!!!

Becky said...

Aaron...he kills me. What a fun outing. :) I'm glad you had such great accommodations and a fantastic host. BUT...I must tell you, seeing that picture of the HATS? It's making me shiver. All I can think of is LICE. NEVER wear public hats, EVER. Thank you.

ellen said...

When does the party start???

The Mormon Monk said...

Love the picture of Abby-as-boy-moose. My favorite

Jo Jo said...

Fun! That looks like Mom? Whose condo did you borrow? What a fun time. I guess my sisters will have to fill the daughter gap.

shirlgirl said...

Glad you all had such a great time. Looks like lots of fun.

rad6 said...

wow, what a great trip... is the Harry Potter exhibit traveling??? Is it coming to California?
Man that would be awesome! We would love to see it.
great girl fun! Love it.

BB Hutchins said...

I'm sure they'll always remember... good for you for taking the time.

Marilyn said...

What a fun mom. I haven't seen EP's place in awhile, it is lookiing nice.

Christy said...

This looked awesome! I am drooling for a couple years down the road when I can do this...girls ARE awesome!
Your a great mom Jenny!