Monday, February 15, 2010

Feelin' the LOVE

On Valentine's Day, I kept smelling my lovely roses.
We got to listen to Dub speak in Sacrament Meeting.
I enjoyed thinking about all of the little things that make him so endearing to me.
We visited a friend in the ICU.  She needs a new liver and kidney.
My heart breaks for her.
We made heart-shaped pizzas for dinner.
We watched the Olympics together.


Becky said...

I spent mine in bed. :( I want a do-over. SORRY about your ICU friend. We'll keep her in our prayers.

Jo Jo said...

I love listening to my husband speak as well. My family loves pizza, heart shaped or not. Glad you're feeling a teensy bit better. That's something lovely.

LL said...

glad there's love!!!
looks like a fun day of togetherness.

shirlgirl said...

The pizza looked great! Uncle D went to Panera's on Saturday and had breakfast with his buddies--it was a nice outing for him--he was pooped when he came home. He stopped off and bought me a Valentine's card which was so sweet. On Sunday, I fixed steak, broccoli, roasted sweet potatoes, and sauteed mushrooms and onions for dinner. He ate everything except the broccoli--too much food for him, but it was a lovely meal. He had his first radiation treatment today. Feeling kind of punk. Hopefully he'll feel better tomorrow. It is every other day for five days and 45 minutes a tratment.

Marilyn said...

So sorry to miss his talk, I am sure it was great. Pizza's look good too.

rad6 said...

the pizzas are great... fun dinner idea for heart day!
who is dub? Roger?
sorry to hear about your friend in the hospital... how hard to see someone suffer like that. Hope the transplant comes through. On a list???
Glad you are feeling better.
It looks SO cold at your house. I wore my flip-flops yeaterday. it was about 70 here.