Saturday, March 1, 2014

"Breaking News" (competitive class plays)

 Because of a snowstorm (NOT breaking news this winter) our High School's annual competitive class play competition was postponed until after our February vacation. You may or may not remember that I went on and on and on about last year's plays... I'll save you some time this year and just tell you that it's a tradition I love.
This year's Senior Class put on a very funny comic book style play called "Breaking News"  by Tim Kochenderfer
Sweet Mesquite was the most valued Stage Manager, but also spent some time on stage in some "extra" roles.
 Tragically the Senior Class did not win this year's competition
(although my most unbiased opinion is that they won hands-down)
 They did manage to unanimously sweep the Best Actor and Best Actress categories.
 All family members in attendance were entertained by the enthusiasm and talent on stage.
 When one of these kids goes on to wear Prada and make an Oscar acceptance speech, I'll be able to say I was a fan in their early years.
 I do love some good drama.
Bravo Seniors!!

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shirlgirl said...

It would have been great if they won, but they had a lot of fun putting on the play, and that is what is important. They did their very best, and congratulations to the best actor and actress. It's hard to believe that Sweet Mesquite will be graduating from high school. The years have flown by, and I am sure much too fast for you.