Thursday, March 13, 2014

oh deer!

It's been a harsh winter.
I think we can agree.
The other day the temps in town hit the mid 30's and I spotted a woman in flip flops and shorts at the grocery store. She was wearing what the rest of us have been craving: hints of warm weather.
We had a day in the 50's this week, and now today we're recovering from a mid week nor'easter and wind chills below zero.  
Forget the polar vortex, people. 
New England is suffering from bi-polar vortex.
We're not the only ones hungry for Spring.
There have been clusters of deer roaming the neighborhood.
The other day the kids and I counted SIXTEEN deer in one herd munching on the shrubs around our front door.  
We haven't seen grass in the yard since 2013.
I have faith that it's still there.
My prediction is that you won't see a region more happy to welcome Spring mud season.


shirlgirl said...

That must have been exciting to see all those deer--but not munching on your shrubs! I remember being at the Inn one March, and there were several eating the Yew in front of the Inn. I told Bonnie that she didn't have to trim it now. Haven't seen any the past couple of years.

Darleen said...

Well, Jen, let me assure you that the grass is frozen and still four feet under--snow that is! It's been the coldest winter in over 20 years with more snow and frostbite warnings than I can remember. Bring on the mud!!!