Friday, March 28, 2014

cousin sisters

I loved my childhood, but remember wishing (while we lived in the wild west Colorado) that I had cousins and grandparents in my life. I'm so grateful my kids have enjoyed these extended family relationships. Born nine months apart, these two beauties have grown up with enough contact that they might as well be sisters.
They're rounding the bend towards the end of their high school years and will shortly be headed off in the arms of the great wide world. I'm excited for what the future holds and pleased to know that even though their paths are diverging, their love for each other will keep them connected. These two are the apple(s) of my eye.


shirlgirl said...

Precious! I have that with my cousin Loraine. We are exactly two years apart, I'm the oldest of the two of us. We've been buddies all our lives, and she travels with me to the ship reunions. This year's will the be the fourth one she has attended since Uncle David passed away. We have so much fun together and lots and lots of laughs. Unfortunately she lives in Tennessee, so I only get to see her once a year. I used to spend all my summers in NH growing up and hated to come home. Yes, we are like sisters as well. My dearest friend Margaret was five days younger than I, and we were like sisters as well. So I am so lucky to have them in my life. Of course, Margaret passed away a year ago last September, 10 days before my 75th birthday and 15 days before hers. We were going to celebrate our 75th together, but it never happened. I cherish the few days I had with her and all the phone calls we used to make to one another. I miss that.

Jo Jo said...

Very sweet!