Saturday, March 15, 2014

little men in uniform

There IS something about a man in uniform, right?
Even not-quite-grown-men in uniform hold my gaze a little longer than usual.
We attended the annual Pinewood Derby as parents of a Bear Cub.
Mr. Dub is one of the den leaders.  Does that make him Dub Cub?
THE highlight of the night was hearing our cub's name called as they were awarding trophies for the fastest pinewood derby cars.  None of us expected it, which made morning boy's enthusiastic leaping and whooping to the front of the room to accept his trophy for being the fastest Bear extra entertaining. 
(It's also why we weren't prepared to document the celebration)
I know that secretly, Dub claims part of that trophy as his.  It took raising three boys and a LOT of pinewood prep to earn that baby.


Jo Jo said...

Jarrod got a fast trophy, not the fastest, with boy #5. But it does make them feel great!

LL said...

that SHOULD be celebrated, how EXCITING!