Tuesday, November 26, 2013

this morning, it snowed

We woke up in the dark, two girls and I, and sat together under blankets at the seminary table until the sun came up.  It was then I noticed the snowflakes.  They were fluttering around, coating surfaces, teasing us with their presence, because I knew they would end.  Secretly, I hoped they would keep falling at least until the last child woke up, so I could share in the revelry as he looked out the window to see early signs of winter.  Wish granted.
The snow has stopped, and mostly melted away now that day has arrived fully.  Just two hours from now I'll be putting the turkey in the oven and prepping for our early Thanksgiving Day feast.  We contemplated skipping the big meal, but around the table on Sunday we voted unanimously to hold it on this fourth Tuesday of the month.  A few phone calls later, the seats at our two tables are reserved and we're anxiously awaiting the sights and smells of the great kick-off to the holiday season.
Here is why I am feeling Thankful on a Tuesday:
-all is calm
-family and friends are on the way
-this morning it snowed
-I can still tell both sets of parents that I love them
-my reasons to feel thankful far outweigh any reason I might have to complain
-my husband made me a deluxe custom-for-me omelet for breakfast
-I have no plans to leave the house today
-there's a fire in the fireplace
-dessert was made before the turkey went into the brine
-there's a hot shower waiting for me upstairs
-I am loved
-Enrique texted me from the bus a few minutes ago, and said he's on his way to the big apple... I'm excited for his great adventure!
-in less than 24 hours we'll be on his heels
-it's the most wonderful time of the year

I hope your Tuesday brings even more reasons to feel gratitude in your life.

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