Wednesday, November 6, 2013

nobody told me

When I was little and dreamed about being a grown up, I never imagined including in a description of my day some of what I now consider to be my happy reality:

I eat handfuls of dry Honey Smacks from the box and call it breakfast.
All six beds in the house rarely get made on the same day.
The laundry seems to take on a life form all its own; multiplying and replenishing the earth.
I look at the toppling piles of paper and things to do, throw up my hands and mumble "you win."
Lunch means grabbing the remains of someone's unfinished breakfast, and sipping the not quite empty water bottle discarded from yesterday's sports bag or backpack.
A trip to the grocery store is my most exciting outing of the day.
A phone call from a child or a friend triggers delightful belly laughter.
I count sincere and vigorous laughter as my workout for the day.
If the dishes get washed, it feels like winning the Super Bowl.
"Come on baby, light my fire" means being married to someone who will call and offer to do the grocery shopping on his way home from work.

Any more you would add to the list?


Jo Jo said...

This is funny, Jen!

Anya Horman said...

I would add, Sleeping means being interrupted by several visitors in the night who toss and kick in their sleep and snuggle like I'm their hero against all dark forces in the world.