Monday, November 11, 2013

best 24

Mr. Dub and I were married on November 11th.
I love our anniversary date, because we share it with the Veterans, and it's always a holiday.
 We spent a relaxing weekend together on Cape Cod to celebrate.
 Just Dub and me (and the camera).
He frequently teased me because I am wont to photograph EVERY.THING.
He challenged me to photograph this broken lock.
 So I did.
I think it's a fine picture.
I call it "good lock at the pier."
 One of our favorite stops was Fish Pier in Chatham.
We ate REALLY fresh seafood
and watched the seals playing in the harbor.
We did a lot of walking on beaches
and reflecting on our time together.
Twenty-four years goes by pretty fast.
I called him this afternoon at work to wish him the official
"Happy Anniversary"
he didn't even skip a beat

when he replied
 "Best 24 years of  my life."
I agree.
(he came home with two dozen roses)


Jo Jo said...

Beautiful post and pictures, Jen! Congrats on those best years of your life! And I LOVE your pic of mom and Dad

Aaron H. said...

24 = score? REALLY??

TMI !!

Melanie said...

Happy Anniversary!

shirlgirl said...

Happy Anniversary! Those years have scooted by. I love your pictures. Chatham is lovely.

Alana said...

Beautiful. Looks like a lovely trip. And I LOVE the lock picture. You guys are coming up on a big one next year!

ellen said...

Lucky in love. Happy anniversary to one of the happiest couples I know.

LL said...

THIS touched my heart, and I don't say that in a cheesy way...really!
SWEETEST post, so genuine and full of love. You two are really such great examples. Farmer and I adore you guys!