Thursday, November 14, 2013

alas, the keys

Sometimes I think we live in that secret part of Massachusetts where, not unlike the Bermuda Triangle, things tend to mysteriously disappear.  Take car keys, for example.  We are now down to one set of keys per vehicle, and, if you knew how many vehicles call our driveway home, that is no small number of lost keys.
This morning I woke up with purpose.  Not to say that there isn't purpose EVERYday, but today we had an early set of deadlines to meet.  Of note is the long-awaited third grade trip to Plymouth. This included a 7:30 am departure and a 5:00 pm arrival.  With Mr. Dub off to work before we even see the dawn's crack and Mesquite now driving the HS shuttle, I was left with one weather-worthy vehicle and a 15 minute window of time.  Good thing it was cold outside.  I thought to myself "I should probably go outside and warm up the car."  It was then I discovered that my keys were not on the hook.  Then not in my coat pocket, not on the counter, not upstairs in the bathroom and not accidentally dropped into the drawer.  (Heart rate rising as I imagine cancelling our participation in the field trip would not be a popular decision:  The Mayflower was on the line!)  I knew that texting and calling the other drivers in the home would not be an option at this point.  Even if the keys were located, there would not be time enough to have them brought back home so that I could resume the taxi service.  And so the village comes into play.  I'm grateful for my people.  It sounds so cliche, but it really DOES take a village to raise a child in this home.  I called a neighbor with a third grader, and was able to provide a ride for mine.  My ever compliant Leeli, who thought she would be the recipient of the rare treat that is the ride to school, made the bus.  And today was the day I was able to knock down my email inbox, prepare a few seminary lessons, vacuum some cobwebs and cat hair out of the family room, and catch up on laundry.  All while snacking on the chocolate covered cinnamon bears that my ever-true friend Cynthia mailed me from Utah for my birthday.  When these kinds of stars align in my world, I can then easily forgive Mr. Dub.  Alas, it turns out the keys went off to Nashua today in his coat pocket.  He needed to grab the only set of keys (to MY vehicle) to retrieve his car charger, and neglected to put them back.  Meanwhile, I had a friend on standby to help shuttle me to the middle school and then to an orthodontist appointment this afternoon.  Then I was able to make contact with the HS shuttle, and all will be right in our little world.  Imagine not making friends with your neighbors?  I can't imagine how sad a few someones would be if we hadn't.

James 2:8

8 If ye fulfil the royal law according to the scripture, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself, ye do well


Smilin' sunshine said...

I think you should have a few more keys made!!!
And chocolate covered cinnamon bears are some of my absolute favorite treats!!!! Lucky girl!

shirlgirl said...

Agree with Smilin' sunshine about getting extra sets made. I can't imagine all the "trauma" you went through. Your life is an adventure.

ellen said...

Um, time to get to Home Depot and get a plethora of keys made. All your friends/commenters think alike! :)

LL said...

Extra keys didn't even cross my me a bad planner.
I was just saying a BIG amen to having great neighbors you can count on. Who needs extra keys when you have connections ;-)