Friday, November 15, 2013


Leaving Provincetown last weekend I spotted the Atlantic Spice Company as we drove on by.  I was disappointed
that I didn't know it was there, and felt sad as we kept driving. It took me about three minutes to work it all out in my head before I said out loud
"Would you please turn the car around?... I want to go back."
It made me think of a song I used to hear a LOT when the older kids were little. We watched many hours of Sesame Street, and I probably enjoyed it just as much as they did.
"Nearly missed a sunset,
nearly missed a rainbow,
nearly missed a shooting star going by..."
I resolved to myself some time ago, to make an effort to have fewer regrets if it were possible. I'm getting pretty good at "no photographic regrets" and now it pleases me to report that I did not nearly miss the Atlantic Spice Company driving on by.
 By the way, they are not paying me to promote their business.  I just really loved browsing through the aromatic aisles of the store.  I came home with a large bag of catnip, a bag of mulling spices and some chopped dried onion for next to nothing.
 I'm sure I could have filled a cart if left to wander longer... the prices were great and seeing gourmet spices and herbs in such large quantities made me strangely happy. I may not make it back to Truro soon, but you can bet I'll be visiting their online store.
I like life a little spicy.

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shirlgirl said...

I heard about this place from a former neighbor. I think it is in either Truro or Wellfleet. I'll bet you had lots of fun in there--sure sounds like it.